SASE Conference presentations: 1) on gender and populism during COVID-19 and 2) East-West mobility

As a result of two collaborations, I had the chance to present two papers during the recent Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) Annual Conference, After Covid? Critical Conjunctures and Contingent Pathways of Contemporary Capitalism, 1-5 July 2021.

Full paper titles:

  1. Szelewa, Dorota and Dorottya Szikra – Fighting Gender Equality Under the Pandemic. The Case of Polish and Hungarian Women- and Gender-Equality Related Policies during the Covid-19 Crisis.
  2. Szelewa, Dorota and Michał Polakowski – European Solidarity, “Free Movement of Labour’ and the Pandemic: Contradictions of East-West Division of Labour. 


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